The wild, weird, and wonderful of CES 2018

Another year, another CES rolls in and out of Las Vegas, one of the most suitable locations on earth to host such an event. I was registered for this years CES but wasn’t able to make it in the end. Thanks to the 100s of emails I received every day, I can still present a handful of ‘What the(s),’ ‘hits,’ ‘misses’ and ‘maybes,’ and I’ll be interviewing some of these (and more) in greater detail over the coming weeks. Foreo UFO It was late Friday afternoon before CES week, and I was waiting for an important parcel, so when a… This story continues at The Next Web

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Eli’s expertise was developed through a series of successful ventures including B2B trade show development and management, developing and utilizing effective content platforms, in addition to automates sales and marketing adaptations. Additionally he has founded sales and service operations in the energy industry.

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