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Beware of all the seo companies out there that guarantee their services. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with those companies. Look here for some updated information!

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If you own or operate a website, you know that it is important to operate a well rounded search engine optimization program. Some companies just outsource the work and some do it in house. It all depends on the talent and expertise you have in house in order to create an effective seo program. There are many companies out there that only want your money, but say that they will make your website number one, guaranteed! All I have to say is ha. No company no matter how good can guarantee number one positions in natural searches. The only way that they can say this is with unethical ways of positioning your website. Of course, most companies will use come pay per click advertising for your site, but you can do that yourself and get the same exact results. In order to stay on top of the natural searches, you need to have ethical ways of promoting and optimizing your site. Make sure to take time to analyze your site compared to the top 10 sites for each of your top keywords. If you see their sites compared to yours, the correct changes can be made. This is a big one, make sure no company or individual in your company creates doorway pages on your site. These inflate your results for a very short time and can and will lead to you being banned from the search engines. There are a lot of companies that say they will put their content on your site to help your results, this only means that they are going to put in doorway pages! Do not let them do this because it will lead to your sites downfall. Be careful out there with all the search engine optimization companies and think about possibly doing your own optimization with the same results. You might want to try to find a company that just gives you a optimization report, which allows you to optimize your own site at your own leisure. Good luck out there!

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