"I believe in giving my customers true value; more than what they've paid for and results beyond their expectations. It's this steadfast dedication to quality in all things that continuously creates success for my customers and in turn, success for the companies I build."

Eli Logan

Crafting perfection

Longview Texas based innovative executive and marketing professional experienced in planning, development, and execution of all aspects of business operations.

B2B Trade Shows Developed & Produced


Oil and Gas Entities Founded


Brands Developed 


Current Projects in Motion


Industries and Markets Change- Principles and Expertise Do Not

Quote for 2017

It's not the big that eat the small, its the fast that eat the slow

Trade Show Development and Managment

1.4 Million Square Feet 

Produced and Managed Trade Shows 

Over 2600 Different Companies Served

Striving For Diverse Growth of Exhibiting Companies 

Over 100,000 attendees

With 84% Having Decision Making Authority and Purchasing Influence 

47 States

Drawing Valuable Attendees From 47 States

19 Countries

International Commerce and Exposure For Exhibitors

+ 4.4 Million Social Media Reach

Integrating With Every Social Media Platform

Oil & Gas

Drilling Equipment Service

Non Destructive Testing 




Trucking and Logistics


Energy Broadcasting


Design Patents


A New Twist on Motorsports

A Hybrid Team Of Enthusiast And Experts To Help Craft And Boost Your Passions

Combining Passion 
A devotion to Serving Others
and the warmth of outreach  

Race        /             Support        / Enrich


Breeding        /           Hay Production        Competition Support



Cultivating character, competitive spirits, and responsibility.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be stewards of nature, and thankful for the opportunity to share it with the community.

You're in Right Place

Family, Good Friends & Plenty of Coffee

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Brands and Services

The Fusion Of Creative Solutions And Appeal To Solve Marketing Obstacles

Digital Media

Delivering bleeding edge news and information across multiple industries with a focus on efficiency and value for readership and stake holders.

Web Development

A unique approach to the development of an idea and executing a plan smartly and expertly. Visual appeal, creative, and serviceable. 

Marketing and Saas applications

Unique solutions to under served markets with a tactical approach to problem solving, design and execution.