“I’ve had the privilege of consulting with hundreds of entrepreneurs in all stages of business. I am humbled to be a resource to so many, and appreciative of those that have shared their insights with me. My greatest skill is the unwavering desire to contribute to someone else’s path to success”


Eli Logan is an award winning visionary with more than 15 years of experience emphasizing sales, marketing, and innovation in the Energy, Engineering, Transportation, Motorsports and Face To Face Marketing Industries.

Highly innovative with excellent relationship building skills as evidenced by the successful formation and operation of 24 business units resulting in 16.4 Billion in economic impact for his clients. Eli successfully manages growth, diversity, innovation and adversity in simultaneous ventures.

Legendary sales and marketing skills strengthen relationships with existing clients and convert prospects into eager devotees of any brand This skill set is complimented by confident leadership, repeatable processes, and endless motivation. Eli’s signature is bringing creative solutions and an entrepreneurial spirit to all business endeavors.

Why Work With Me


Perpetual Student Of Business – Proactive And Excited About Tackling New Ground To Provide Experiential, Face To Face Marketing Solutions

I successfully bring together professionals from across the globe to shake hands, connect with a product or service and deliver results that thousands of companies need to profitably operate their businesses.


Expert Advice


Phone Consultation

Let’s start right from the beginning by outlining the core model of your business, and any pain points.

Assisting top executives, managers, and other leadership to perform, innovate, and balance so they can effectively guide their teams to the success you can measure and systematize. The highest priority is to enable leadership to unlock and unleash their full-potential thus bringing greater value and enrichment to the people they serve.

Executive Wellness

From Startups to leadership at a Fortune 500 company, Emotional, Intellectual and Psychological road blocks can be insurmountable without a trusted advisor’s perspectives and tools.

All aspects of business can create fatigue, uncertainty, imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis and plain old brain fog that can stifle innovation, growth and most importantly the happiness that comes from the entrepreneurship journey.

Marketing Planning

So you need to hit a wider more targeted audience? Let’s explore how to do that and develop a plan of action.

Market planning is the process of organizing and defining the marketing aims of a company and gathering strategies and tactics to achieve them. A solid marketing plan should consist of the company’s value proposition, information regarding its target market or customers, a comparative positioning of its competitors in the market, promotion strategies, distribution channels, and budget allocated for the plan. All relevant teams in the organization should refer to the marketing plan.


It’s time to look at the pain points of your business and craft a method of relieving those issues efficiently.

Business Troubleshooting is accomplished by utilizing skills that I have developed over many years of experience with proven results. To correct any business problem requires the ability to identify the problem, determine its cause and develop solutions that eliminate the problem. With out completely analyzing the cause of the problem additional challenges could be set in motion developing a chain reaction and more serious consequences.

Sales Coaching

Closing the deal can be troublesome, so let’s outline some core principles for closing leads both cold and warm.

As a sales coach I enable executives to efficiently use data to monitor individual rep performance to identify areas for improvement and reinforce behaviors that lead to success. Through this process we also develop coaching initiatives that build confidence in reps by providing them with the tools and skills they need to succeed.

Strategic Partner Marketing

One of the most successful marketing strategies today, we will outline the process of identification and attraction of serious strategic partners to push growth, innovation, and diversity.

It’s always a solid investment to  build and grow your Strategic Partner Marketing program to ensure optimized revenue opportunities through intelligent partnerships and a consistent customer journey through the buying cycle.

Amazon & Marketplaces

Success on Amazon or similar marketplaces require strategy, sharp executions, and the utilization of data driven decision making to drive revenue.

Whether you’re an experienced Amazon seller, or are new to the channel entirely, We can team up to identify the tools, resources, and develop an innovative strategy to grow your Amazon business.

Organic Search Marketing

Make sure your site can be found by google and is maximizing your customers experience.

Ongoing improvements and monitoring of these changes is essential to protect your organic traffic. 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, which is why I have invested in SEO expertise to complement any paid search strategy.

Email Marketing

Stand out from the noise in your customers inbox.

Convert prospects and grow customer engagement through targeted email marketing campaigns supported by strategic list segmentation and engaging, regularly tested content.

Marketing Funnel Simulation

Agency Only Digital Marketing,
Profit-Forecasting & Simulation Tools

A Funnel Simulator let’s you quickly model & simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea BEFORE you create landing pages or buy traffic – which saves you time & money.

Let’s deploy our Agency Only Funnel Simulator to take the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels & helps avoid costly marketing mistakes.

Digital Consulting

Let’s detect the limitations of your digital marketing strategy and evaluate real solutions.

Focused assessments on the sustainability of your digital marketing efforts and create a comprehensive roadmap with execution support to maximize digital sales.

This can include everything from customized channel mapping and ongoing competitor benchmarks to standing up a new e-commerce website in under 30 days.

Trade Show And Event Strategies

Even today Executives still favor live events to evaluate solutions, conduct research, and service client bases.

Eli Logan literally wrote the book on B2B trade show strategies and execution. From the evaluation of event reports and show selections, to strategies to ensure every lead is consistently worked to create lifetime value. Live events are set to explode next year. Get a head start now.

Sam Chellam
Sam ChellamEntrepreneur
“Eli Logan is a very focused individual who pays very close attention to all aspects of his organization. The one major attribute of Eli I admire the most is his discipline. From my point of view this has maintained continuous success in whatever type of business he is involved in. His communication skills are excellent and he follows through accordingly. No matter what type of business we are in, it is imperative we continue to build a relationship with our clients. Eli Logan has definitely built a great relationship with my company and other companies.”
Mark Lacour
Mark LacourSales Expert, Director, Editor and Co-host
“Eli is one of the top business people I know. Intelligent, motivated, strategic and not afraid to “roll up his sleeves” and get the hard work done. His knowledge and hands on experience in the industry is bar none, and he is a fantastic leader of people. I wholeheartedly recommend Eli for anything that he sets his sights on!”

Andy Peterson
Andy PetersonInspirational Speaker and Author
“The detail and professionalism Eli shows in his work is refreshing. He is a man of his word and his work ethic and integrity you can always count on. Eli strives to ensure each person he deals with or represents feels welcome and important. In all our work together over the years I can be certain his expertise is always above par! A true pleasure to work with and I would recommend Eli to anyone in any industry .”

Audrey McKenze
Audrey McKenzeFounder
In the short time I’ve worked with Eli, I’ve benefited tremendously from his outstanding ability to intuit just what the core issue is and then give the most effective advice and counsel on the right course of action. This ability to discern the need clearly and to work with me to get to the right response or answer to any number of questions relating to my startup is remarkable and invaluable. I’ve also benefited greatly from his strategic thinking and excellent analytical skills as well as his network of entrepreneurs and professionals with top notch credentials and expertise. He is a great asset to my startup and I wholeheartedly recommend his services.
Castleigh Johnson
Castleigh JohnsonFounder And CEO
Myself and others see you as an inspiration for us to learn from, somebody who gets it, who knows the struggle and yet so passionate about sharing and passionate about helping us find the way and achieve.

You outline strategy, know the steps to solve a problem, capitalize on opportunity or really increase our value to our stakeholders.

No matter how lost entrepreneurs get you know how to get them through the storm and find the success they have been working for. You are the real deal, a solid guy, and it gives me confidence knowing you are in my corner.

Farid Martinez
Farid MartinezDigital Transformation Expert
I met Eli in the Addison Treehouse, helping me and others to structure ideas, and learn from his experience to build successful businesses.

He is a really nice and selfless person, a great coach and inspiring individual who is always eager to provide his time and useful business advises.

Eli’s mastery in business development have been really helpful to me, and the people who approach him.

We are so fortunate to have him with us, and that is why is my pleasure to write this recommendation.

Let’s Work Together