1. Making announcements that you are working towards your goals and/or bragging about being an entrepreneur.  Your results should speak for themselves.
  2. Acting like a know it all. When ideas are discussed and the only ones you think are good are your own.. stop wasting peoples time. Everyone makes mistakes, needs help, doesn't understand something or needs to discuss a problem to find a solution.
  3. Exaggerating your progress, scale of your plans, or the size of your "network" - Success comes in steps, some are big, some are small.. and you are only fooling yourself.
  4. Taking credit that doesn't belong to you. Nobody makes it by themselves. Give a nod to the people who helped.
  5. Representing someone else's work as your own original idea. See above
  6. Every moment in a product or service's life cycle posted on Social Media. Save some.. its called a call to action for a reason.
  7.  Arrogance- Shouldn't need explaining but my favorite definition is " Exaggerated confidence without sufficient achievement to back it up. Credible people should call you a Guru before you call yourself one for example.
  8. Not being able to explain concepts, visions, details. A clear sign you have no idea what you are doing. We can tell the difference.
  9. Treating customers like wallets instead of people. Cmon now..
  10. Manipulating  people to further your goals. If you are blessed to have someone care enough to sweat for your dream hang on to them. You never know when you may need them again.