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Entrepreneur.com: Doing Business and More! Central to running Entreprenuer.com is to reach out to entrepreneurs from all facets of business. It brings together entrepreneurs to be of common knowledge of what truly is entrepreneurship. It, [...]

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An Entrepreneur’s Biography: Is Spearheading a Business Meant for You? Not because you’ve got the capital to start a business means that you will be assured of being successful with your business. The truth is, [...]


Define Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur Defined In the field of business, the people involved in the playoffs are called the entrepreneurs. They are also referred to as businessmen. They own and run their own businesses. In the strictest sense, [...]

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Christian Entrepreneur


All About Being a Christian Entrepreneur The business world today can be a very intimidating place for a Christian entrepreneur. You see, business today has gotten to a very competitive point. Money makes this world [...]

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Eli’s expertise was developed through a series of successful ventures including B2B trade show development and management, developing and utilizing effective content platforms, in addition to automates sales and marketing adaptations. Additionally he has founded sales and service operations in the energy industry.

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