10 Things That Make Entrepreneurs Laugh At Wantrepreneurs


Making announcements that you are working towards your goals and/or bragging about being an entrepreneur.  Your results should speak for themselves. Acting like a know it all. When ideas are discussed and the only ones you think are good are your own.. stop wasting peoples time. Everyone makes mistakes, needs help, doesn't understand something or needs [...]

10 Things That Make Entrepreneurs Laugh At Wantrepreneurs2020-07-28T10:47:46-05:00

Differences between Marketing and Advertising


Marketing and Advertising, although they sound similar but in reality they are not. Advertising is only a part of the bigger game called Marketing. Marketing encompasses complete conceptualization of a brand right from research to designing to advertising to sale. Advertising, on the other hand is a component of the marketing process which is nothing [...]

Differences between Marketing and Advertising2020-07-28T10:47:46-05:00

Honest Evaluations


An honest evaluation of a company's streghths and weakness is key. A broad picture of process, people and how the system works as a whole is the only way to identify areas of improvement as well as focus areas that work. Where else would the data to justify continued paths come from? Adding a column [...]

Honest Evaluations2020-07-28T10:47:47-05:00

Market Movements Vs. Fads


Devour information on a daily basis to keep your finger on the pulse of trends and the separation of market movements vs fads. My definition is a progression towards something vs a chase to an unproven. Far too many times a company will mistake a fad for a progression and the resources are wasted without [...]

Market Movements Vs. Fads2020-07-28T10:47:47-05:00

More With Less


Focus on accomplishing the most for the least investment. Thats not to say that revenue invested smartly isnt good business. The check and balance of doing more with less gives a lean operating mindset.

More With Less2020-07-28T10:47:47-05:00

Are You Prepared To Make The Leap To Social Media Marketing?


New business owners are quickly discovering the power behind this advanced methodology and taking their company into the new-age. Strategies revolving around SMM allow them to stretch outside of their normal box, and attract customers from across the globe. This burgeoning marketing method ensures that you will reach a wider target market and gain [...]

Are You Prepared To Make The Leap To Social Media Marketing?2020-07-28T10:47:47-05:00

Hot Tips on Being a Young Entrepreneur


One good thing about being young is the opportunity of exploring beyond your boundaries with a good excuse of “because we’re young”. And this is what makes young entrepreneurship fun and ideal. A big advantage that teenagers have is less responsibilities and more time to waste. Unlike adults who are stretching their 24-hour life thinking [...]

Hot Tips on Being a Young Entrepreneur2020-07-28T10:47:48-05:00

A Call to All Young Entrepreneurs: Leverage for Your Small Home Based Business


Being a young entrepreneur, your small business is only as good for all those people who know about it. And for those who don't know, well they simply don't care. After all the hardships you have gone through while starting up your business. After all those attempt to give it all up and return back [...]

A Call to All Young Entrepreneurs: Leverage for Your Small Home Based Business2020-07-28T10:47:48-05:00

Business Opportunities and Quick Tips for Women Entrepreneurs


Are you one of the women who happened to be yourself, a mom, a wife and a businesswoman altogether? Well, American women seem to have morphed into super ladies who can do any works demanded from them. From house cleaning to child rearing and into developing their own businesses. Well, there are just too many [...]

Business Opportunities and Quick Tips for Women Entrepreneurs2020-07-28T10:47:48-05:00

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