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SEO for transforming a presentation web page into a financial boost for your company.

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You got your website done and it’s up. But no visitors even if you have the nicest website possible and you spent a lot of money to have it done as you wanted. Everything is in place …your website can be seen in Google, Bing and other search engines. You also paid an internet advertising campaign, told all your mates about your website, but still got only few visitors and other sites related to your business are placed much better in search results. Why? Your website is much better and nice looking than others but they still got a lot of visitors every day and their business is growing, company gets a lot of money and they are all very pleased. If you encountered all these problems, here is the right place where you may find answers to solve your problems.

If you didn’t hear about SEO, or you heard but you don’t know anything about it let me start telling you that SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Is there such thing? …you may ask. Yes, and that’s why other websites are better placed in search engines than your website.

There are many rumors about the search engines and their algorithm which make the calculations for website positioning in the search results, but no one knows for sure the importance (in percentage) for every optimization you do. One thing is for sure: Google and other search engines are looking for your importance and fame in the internet. So, if your website name and link for it doesn’t appear in other websites it means that you have a very low fame and you’ll be given a rank 0 from maximum 10. Ok, maybe you’re right, but how can I have links to my website in other websites? I don’t know anybody who has a website to ask him (if it likes) to have my link in his webpage. Or it may cost a lot of money. There is an answer for this. You can do it free and can have thousands of links to your page in only few days. How? Submitting your website to Web Directories and Article Directories. There are thousands of directories in the internet and also a lot of tools for submitting your website automatically. Write an article about your business and submit it in the article directories and don’t forget to mention your website there.

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