It’s undeniable that exhibitors who notify their potential customers of their presence at trade shows experience greater success. Not only is their booth crowded with pre-qualified buyers, exhibitors are able to build on previous sales efforts in an environment that is conducive to deal-making:
Neutral turf:That’s one of the most under-recognized benefits of a trade show space; that it’s neutral territory where both parties can speak and deal openly and comfortably.

An exciting atmosphere: Don’t squander the excitement of the trade show atmosphere by performing the introduction during the show. Make the introduction long before the show begins and let the electric atmosphere of the trade show floor lend itself to closing to the deal instead.
Face-to-face relationship building: While it’s definitely possible to make a sale using the "Send" key, it’s more likely that you’ll begin building a relationship with a hand shake. Meaningful professional relationships create success for those who nurture them. Referrals, repeat business or recommendations are all invaluable assets of maintaining and developing meaningful professional relationships. How better to kick one off than with a hand shake and a personal introduction?

Below are a few tips that can help you create your own effective invites:

Email: Do not put your subject line in ALL CAPS. It’s part of a long list of spam filter magnets.

Direct Mail: Sounds simple, but always address your invite to a specific person. It always helps to follow up by phone right before the show to remind them that you’ll be there and potentially set-up an appointment to speak during the show or at an ancillary event.

Social Media: Connect with your invitees prior to the show and post information about products or services you’ll be featuring in your booth. Your posts will continuously show up in their feed (which gives you top of the mind awareness) and you’ll create excitement about your booth and the show itself.