Have you heard of the name Peter Burns? If you are familiar of him as one great entrepreneur, then your guess is right! Peter Burns is an acclaimed millionaire and entrepreneur who also teaches the subject Entrepreneur 101 in ASU’s Barret Honors College for over a year.

There are likewise news that circulates that he may team up with the Grand Canyon University this coming May for its launching of the College of Entrepreneurship. Asked as to why he preferred to team up with another school instead of ASU, it appears that Peter Burns first suggested the idea to the ASU but the school seemed uninterested. It was Grand Canyon University who took interest to launch the said proposed degree program.

It appears that Peter Burns is not at all disappointed with ASU’s decision but who knows what really plays on his own mind? He further stressed out that ASU’s decision is right. After all, he knows for a fact that it is not the sole endeavor of a business school.

Out of the reputation harnessed by Peter Burns pops up several other endeavors from other colleges to particularly enhance the students’ capacity to do business. More and more trainings and seminars on entrepreneurial management are coming out here and there in the whole of America. This only shows that the Americans have finally realized the value of molding a potential entrepreneur. And they have visualized that it may be started upon within the confines of the schools.

Imagine yourself being the boss. You control the business. Moreover, you own the business! In fact it is everybody’s dream—to be the owner of the business and to be your own boss! A lot of American people do not want to be lorded over by somebody. And throughout the crowd of college students, being one great entrepreneur is one of their wildest dreams ever.

Being an entrepreneur yourself will allow you to bring into your own pockets tons of handsome income. More than ever, incoming college students already foresee themselves as successful entrepreneurs in the future that is why when they step into the portals of the university, they often take up business-related courses as one stepping stone towards their dreams.

It is without a doubt that Peter Burns’s entrepreneurship ideas are influencing the minds of the college students. More so, the schools administrators have already awakened to this kind of scenario and benefit for their students.

So why are students more inclined into becoming successful entrepreneurs in the near future? Among the reasons are as follows:

There are several colleges that now offer programs which are related to entrepreneurship whether inside or outside of the business schools so as to achieve the goal of preparing their students in their dreams of starting their very own companies in the near future.

More and more students are getting serious with their chosen fields as inspired by personages such as Bill Gates, Walt Disney, and Michael Dell who are all successful businessmen in their own rights.

There are a lot of people who are surrounded by family members who are business owners themselves therefore all the more motivating them to become one.

The students of today’s generation are more conscious that wealth can only be gained if you know how to work with investments and profits.

They are likewise very much aware that with only a little capital, business can already be put up and just to be expanded when the fruits seem to be advantageous.

To date, the number of enrollees in entrepreneurial degrees is escalating and is foreseen to still commit to a higher growth in the coming years. When asked about the factors that influence them to become entrepreneurs, students make mention of their parents, relatives, idols, and mentors. That is why in these days, it is no longer a shocking news to know that students immediately start building their own companies right after graduation. Some of them even team up with pals and former classmates in getting on with the business.

The education about entrepreneurship that is inculcated into the young minds of the students motivate them to always strive for the best and be open to all the angles and possibilities of the business industry.