Presenting yourself in a proper manner will help you in all aspects of your professional life, no matter whether you are working for a company or for yourself.

As an employee or a business owner it is important  that you attempt to establish a good relationship with co-workers. One which is comfortable and friendly, while retaining a  professional attitude which allows for satisfactory job performance.

The manner in which you conduct yourself will impact your success on the job, as well as the perception of others. Being careful to always show courtesy to others will create long lasting positive relationships.

Let's go over a few tips that you can use:


-Always go out of your way to extend greetings to co-workers upon entering the building.

-Maintain a friendly attitude at all times. This approach sets the tone for a very pleasant work atmosphere.

-Maintain a upbeat tone when speaking. This is just as important when talking on the phone or loud speaker or intercom.

-Always combine a congenial manner with an eye towards assisting fellow co-workers with daily tasks.

-Always do your best to pick up the phone on the first ring. If answering for a fellow employee who is otherwise occupied, it is appropriate to allow several rings of his phone before picking up.

This will lend credence to the belief that your company is primarily concerned with servicing all customers promptly. Write down any pertinent information, so that your fellow employees can peruse it later.

-Make a special point of being prompt for any company meetings.

-Pay close attention to the accepted dress code, be attired in an appropriate fashion, so that you can make a good impression.

-Be well versed in the subject that will be discussed at the meeting and be sure to turn off your cell phone, pager or any other electronic device that may interrupt the meeting.

-Chewing gum, sucking on candy or eating during a meeting is not considered appropriate, unless it is a lunch meeting at a restaurant. If it is, be sure to observe proper manners.

-Always wait for others to complete their thoughts before you offer your own opinions and suggestions.

-When answering a colleague, always observe courtesy. Don't engage in adversarial debates or exchange insults.  Reply to nasty behavior from colleagues by keeping your composure and

continuing to act in a professional manner.

-Use only upbeat gestures of communication. Pay special attention to opposing viewpoints and only interject with positive comments.

-If you need to cough, sneeze or blow your nose, be very discrete and do your best not to be disruptive. If necessary find an appropriate moment and excuse yourself from the meeting.

-When possible, visit the restroom prior to the meeting or conference to avoid possible disruptions later.

-Always attend to the needs of your customer or client as a first priority. Remember they are the reason you are there.

-Always give preference to the person in the room with you, as opposed to speaking on the phone regarding a private personal matter.

-There should not be food or beverage on your desk during a meeting with a client.

-Always arrive promptly for client meetings and be attired in a professional manner which is suitable for the occasion.

-Always be as helpful as possible and speak slowly and deliberately.  Keep in mind the purpose of your meeting, which is


-During a business discussion some small talk in the conversation is fine to ease the tension, but don't stray too far away from the main topic of the meeting.

-In the event that you will be unavoidably tardy for a client meeting, get word to them as soon as possible, to keep him from leaving prematurely.


Keep your client in mind and assure them that they are the most important thing on your agenda.


By following these proper and easy to implement guidelines you will be sure to leave all of your business associates with a good and lasting impression.


Eli Logan Entrepreneur